Don’t Worry, Be Hampi

Hamp has been a smorgasbord of ancient temples nestled among hills, boulders and beautiful scenery. One could spend a month here and not see everything, but I gave it my best shot in the short time I was here.

For information on Hampi, read here.

I ate breakfasts at the rooftop restaurant, enjoying the morning chanting from the next door temple. I watched the mahouts (elephant trainers) wash the temple elephant in the river and enjoyed the peaceful laid back morning there.

I took a bicycle tour to visit over a dozen monuments, and then walked with a new friend to the Vittal temple, finding our way despite lack of direction, to the stone chariot and the temple.

And in between touristy things, just took some time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere here. I found myself wishing that I had spent a week here vs Goa, but so it goes. I have definitely enjoyed my time here.

And now I have another carrot in front of me: in November, I will return to Rishikesh for a month to do yoga teacher training. In the meantime I’ll travel around the south, and maybe a bit in the north on my way back there. Back to enjoying the journey.

Cheeky monkey. He came into the restaurant and took my (finished) glass to get what he could from it before the owners chased him away.