Join Me

Like many, I was horrified to watch the recent murder of George Floyd.
I have always felt that my path to promote peace in the world is to promote peace in oneself. I cannot rid the world of all injustice. And yet…
Silence can be construed as consent, and I do not consent to a world in which people are systemically oppressed, beaten, and killed simply for the color of their skin.
I realize that these things have been going on for some time. ‘Enough is enough’ happened a long time ago. I have been raised in white privilege and have missed a great deal. I know that there’s a lot I don’t know.
They’ll send you actions you can take to support Black people and allies, invite you to events in your city, and it’s free to join.
I am sure there are some who will find fault with something I say or don’t say in this post. But I will no longer allow fear of saying the wrong thing to keep me from speaking out. I do not wish to consent to violence by silence.