Packing in Pennsylvania

I’ve been hanging out with my folks in the tiny (don’t blink) town of Fort Hill, Pennsylvania. It’s about two hours from anywhere, southeast of Pittsburgh. While very rural, it is a beautiful area, and a great place to walk and relax.

Since returning here, I’ve been reducing, reorganizing, and repacking my stuff in preparation for future travels. I’ve traded in the giant suitcase for something more portable, plus a packable bag for gifts and extras. I’ve unloaded my car, and am now free to roam about the planet. At least as long as my savings will allow.

On Friday I’ll catch an early morning flight to London, landing there in the evening, and staying the night with friends until I head once again to a monastery for the following week.

So for now I’ll share a few pictures of the local area. Hope you enjoy them, and I’ll post again in a few weeks from England.


Author: mettatsunami

Various musings of a homeless wanderer on an extended pilgrimmage.

10 thoughts on “Packing in Pennsylvania”

  1. Thanks once more for the beautiful photos. Wishing you safe travels to England. We are in Quebec City now. We drive to New Hampshire on Friday and get to Temple Monastery on Saturday. Then fly to Reykyavik on Monday. I am not sure about e-mail access in Iceland, so I will read your England posts once I get home.


  2. have a nice trip over the pond…are you going to stay with ajahn amaro? that will be nice…

    cheers and say hello and goodbye to pennsyltucky for me, I think that is trump country…..


  3. Thanks Paul,
    I’ll be staying at Amaravati for the first week or so, and hopefully Chithurst at some point in the next week.

    I waved to the trump signs for you!^). Hahaha.

    Stay well and happy!


  4. Lovely photos! Enjoy Britain! It’s an interesting time to be going – with the Brexit just beginning to take shape….Please send warm regards to folks at the monasteries – the nuns, Ajahns Sucitto, Amaro, Karuniko, Thitadhammo, Gavesako, Dhammarako, and hugs to Maude, Hannah, Chris, Panna, and Eliott….I’ll be at the Pacific Hermitage this Saturday for their garden party …. Love you Denise! Safe and illuminating journey!


    1. Thanks Carole, it will definitely be an interesting (and less expensive, maybe) trip at this time. Please give a big metta splat to all at the garden party this weekend. I’ll be there in spirit. Love you too Dhamma sis!-)


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