Live Free or Die

I’ve spent the last week at Temple Forest Monastery, nestled in the hills and forests of southern New Hampshire. I rode and drove down with one of the monastics and another lay supporter from Ontario, enjoying coffee and conversation on the way here.

The monastery has only been in existence for a few years, but I’ve been a regular over the last year or so from being in Connecticut. It’s a cluster of farmhouse type buildings on over 240 acres of forests and fields. The sala, or main meditation area, has been converted from the living room of the former owners, and is a beautiful space with 200 year-old beams in the ceiling. The land was set up to hold a communal, intentional living arrangement, but none of the arrangements really took off. Now it’s made a great place for the roughly half dozen monastics who live there. It was wonderful to visit with old friends, and also to see both a visiting monk from Thailand and my teacher who came out to visit from Abhayagiri.

For the next two weeks I’ll be in Pennsylvania with the folks, trying to wrap things up before going overseas for the big journey. I’ll try to post again once I arrive in England.

Creating the sima (ordination platform) boundaries
A visit to Insight Meditation Society


Author: mettatsunami

Various musings of a homeless wanderer on an extended pilgrimmage.

10 thoughts on “Live Free or Die”

  1. Greeting Khemiya, I have just caught up on your journey…so enjoyable. Love the photos along with your words! Many blessings and good fortune for your journeys.


  2. Great photos of Temple Forest Monastery! It was a joy to be with you during your time here. Please stay longer when your time for wandering runs its course.


  3. Thank you for the great text and pictures, Khemiya. We’ll be there soon. We start on our own journey tomorrow. Much shorter than yours, of course, but I’m very excited. I’ll check in when we return in August.


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