Poutine on the Ritz

Landing in Toronto, I happily found that my air bnb place was in walking distance of the train station. Actually walking distance of everything! I had found a room in a high rise condo in downtown Toronto, with spectacular views of the city from the 49th floor. Acrophobics need not apply.

The real estate agent who owns the condo has restaurant suggestions and helpful maps up on the wall, so I decided to try a nearby restaurant serving a Canadian classic: Poutine. For the uninitiated, Poutine consists of French fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. The restaurant, Smoke’s Poutine, has variations on a theme, and I went with added mushrooms and peas.

Yup. It’s Poutine. I had to at least try it, but I must say I prefer my French fries with a nice aioli.

I came back to the condo, reveled in having internet access for a while, and went to sleep watching the city lights.

In addition to taking a break from the train, I had decided to stop in Toronto to go see Niagara Falls. So that was the trip for today. The tour I booked picked me up out front, and I joined three other tourists in being taken out and dropped off at various locations around the falls and surrounding area. It’s a beautiful area, and I hope you enjoy the pics.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on the train for a few hours to Ottawa, where I’ll stay with some friends and head out the next day to Tisarana Buddhist monastery. I’ll be there until early June, so no posts for a while. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!


Author: mettatsunami

Various musings of a homeless wanderer on an extended pilgrimmage.

11 thoughts on “Poutine on the Ritz”

  1. Beautiful photos of the falls and of Toronto skyscrapers. I can just imagine falling asleep while looking out at the lights. Restful, I’m sure!

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  2. Growing up outside of Buffalo, my mom from Port Dover, Canada – you’re back in my childhood stomping grounds. Haven’t been there in years. Good to see the “Maid of the Mist” is still operating at the base of the falls. Very exciting. This weekend my daughter (with the brown jacket) is off to her monastery retreat – leading the chanting…… feeling connected to your journey.. Gail

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  3. Great pictures and video. Poutine sounds like something I can miss :->. I hope you enjoy Tisarana. Please give Ajahn V. and Tan Cunda my regards.


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