Abiding in Hope

Hope is a little town that time, and seemingly everyone else, forgot. It’s home to just under six thousand people, and nestled in the Cascade mountains, bordered by the Fraser and Coquihalla rivers. Quite the beautiful place. Its claim to fame, apart from being rich fodder for numerous puns, is that the first Rambo movie was filmed here. It’s not exactly a cultural Mecca. Mostly it’s just been a great place to walk and relax.
It hasn’t been without entertainment, however. Hope’s accommodations are all 50’s era motels, and staying in the highest rated lodgings still means staying in a 50’s area motel. While the interior of my room has been updated, the depth of the walls has not, and I get a front seat concert of all the things that go on in hotel rooms. It’s good prep for India, and just part of the adventure of traveling in general.
One of the reasons that I enjoy traveling is that it takes one out of their comfort zone, and forces the mind to either adapt to new ways of thinking or doing, or end up doing a lot of suffering. It’s very difficult to be content while insisting the world conforms to “the way I’ve always done it”. So in traveling, one learns a vast number of ways to see and do things, and becomes more at home in the world, wherever it may be.
So I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I’ll see you next when I’m beyond Hope!-D

The end in the beginning

This one’s for you, Sue!-)


Author: mettatsunami

Various musings of a homeless wanderer on an extended pilgrimmage.

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